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Saxophonist JP Balmat

Multi-Instrumentalist Ellen Weller

Composer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist Ellen Weller comes through to discuss her approaches to improvisation as well as her work with various ensembles, including The Weller Family Band.

Composer Joe Garrison

Composer and bandleader Joe Garrison came by to give us the inside scoop on his new release, The Broken Jar, which features a host of local jazz and classical luminaries.

Saxophonist Tripp Sprague

Saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Tripp Sprague dropped in to discuss past and current projects. We also touch on his practice routine, Steely Dan, Sprague family history, upcoming gigs, and more.

Singer-Songwriter Lizabeth Yandel

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Lizabeth Yandel discusses her roots, her writing processes, and her many eclectic influences, from jazz to future soul

Vocalist Whitney Shay

Vocalist Whitney Shay drops by and gives us a preview of her soon-to-be-released album A Woman Rules the World, featuring some gritty blues vocals and a killer cast of players.

Multi-instrumentalist Tonga Ross-Ma'u

Pianist, guitarist, and producer Tonga Ross-Mau came by to share his new album with Ascent Trio and other recent projects.

Pianist John Opferkuch

Pianist John Opferkuch stops by to discuss his album "The Kennedy Files," and performs a new composition live, in-studio.

Pianist Danny Green "One Day It Will"

We kick off Season 3 of the podcast with an 'on-air' recording of pianist Danny Green, plus more tracks from his new album "One Day It Will"

Singer Leonard Patton

Vocalist and first-ever guest on the podcast Leonard Patton returns to discuss his new live album and plans for a new jazz venue here in town!

Saxophonist Jesse Audelo

Saxophonist and composer Jesse Audelo came by with some of his new large-ensemble recordings. We discuss his his approach to composition, and the many projects he's involved with in San Diego and Los Angeles.

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